Dr. Bharadwaj Manda

Senior Data Scientist

Caterpillar Inc.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


I am Bharadwaj, hailing from the coastal city Visakhapatnam, India. I am currently working as a Senior Data Scientist at Caterpillar Inc. in Chennai. I obtained my PhD and MS from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Prior to that, I completed by graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.

My research interests include machine learning, deep learning, geometry and CAD. I am currently looking to solve classical problems in CAD such as classification, retrieval, part segmentation etc. using deep learning approaches. Additionally, I am also interested in applied data science - using data science techniques to solve real-time problems.


  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Vision
  • Computer Graphics


  • Ph.D (DL frameworks for classification and search of 3D CAD models), 2022

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras

  • M.S. (DL for 3D point set segmentation), 2022

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras

  • B.Tech. (C.S.E.) | First Class with Distinction, 2016

    National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli



C, C++, OpenGL, HTML, Git, SQL


with scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas

Deep Learning

Neural Nets, CNN, Optimization


LaTeX, MeshLab, VisualStudio, Autodesk Fusion 360, Snowflake


Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, CAD, Geometry


Windows, Linux, MacOS



Senior Data Scientist

Caterpillar Inc.

Mar 2022 – Present Chennai, India
Senior Data Scientist, Procurement Analytics Team, Strategic Procurement and Planning Division

Part-Time Researcher

Siemens - IIT Madras

Jul 2021 – Feb 2022 Chennai, India
Project Title: Futuristic Product Life Cycle Management framework - Interpretable, inter-operable and interactive PLM (i3PLM). Worked on developing an AI-enabled search engine for 3D CAD models of engineering components. Developed a Siamese Neural Network model that yielded the best retrieval performance.

Teaching Assistant

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Jul 2016 – May 2021 Chennai, India

ED1021 - Introduction to Computation and Visualization JUL-NOV 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 | JAN-MAY 2021

This first-year undergraduate course (Theory + Lab) introduces students to the world of programming using C language. Following this, an introduction to visualization using OpenGL is provided.Transformations in OpenGL, GLUT programming are discussed.

ED5310 - Differential and Computational Geometry JAN-MAY 2018, 2019

This graduate-level elective course aims in introducing advanced concepts in geometry – both for discrete and continuous representations. Advanced open-source tools such as CGAL are also introduced.

ED2090 - Geometric Modelling and CAD JAN-MAY 2020

(Theory) - This undergraduate course introduces students to the fundamental aspects of geometric modelling and computer aided design - Computer Graphics, Transformation matrices, Parametric Curves & Surfaces, Representation of Solids.

(Lab) - Computer modelling and assembly using Autodesk Fusion 360 software


Research Assistant

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Jul 2016 – Mar 2022 Chennai, India
Research Assistant at the Advanced Geometric Computing Lab, Department of Enginnering Design, working with Prof. Ramanathan. Main focus of research is on solving classical problems in CAD such as classification, retrieval, part-segmentation etc. using deep learning-based approaches such as CNNs.


The Graphics Replicability Stamp Award

Recognition of the service provided to the scientific community by releasing the CADSketchNet dataset for free, non-commercial use.

Selected for the Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship

One among 25 students selected across India for the Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship – SERB, Govt. of India and Purdue University.

AIEEE Topper’s Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to AIEEE/JEE toppers (Top 2000 All India Rank Holders)

Best Outgoing Student

Scholarship awarded (for merit) by Kotak Salesian School, Visakhapatnam for being the second topper of school in Class X examinations conducted by ICSE 2010.

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